Sports attractive for girls

Nothing more attractive than a man who plays a sport, right? Having a sport that you play, or simply just being physically active makes you an attractive partner since this means that you prioritize your physical health, too. So, if you are planning on being more sporty to attract more potential partners, or just simply would want to be more active, here are the sports attractive to girls according to surveys.


Being able to carry a woman with no effort is one of the many fantasies of ladies out there. Thanks to accessible gyms, you can easily achieve that by being a member and training your strength. Although it might take time to reach the level of pros, knowing that your personal record increases gives you a boost of confidence. Aside from the fact that you can carry heavier weights, the obvious gains that you get from lifting is a great tool to attract all types of ladies – professionals, Everett escorts, college girls – who are into muscular men.

Young woman in lingerie looking outside.


Rugby, or Football in the US, is also one of the most popular games among the ladies. Since it is a contact sport, strength and endurance is highly needed from the athletes. Most rugby players have great upper body strength and agility as they run around a 120-meter long field. Although dangerous at times, it is still a popular game among the masses. 


Golf? Swing in this direction, please! Known more among the affluent class, golf is also popular among the ladies. Nothing beats a man dressed well and knows how to swing his club then gets a hole-in-one. Aside from being able to show off your swinging skills, the walks towards the next course could be a great opportunity to converse with your golf buddies and know more about them.

Martial arts

Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo? Name it, they like it. Back in the day, thanks to Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, martial arts became more famous in the mainstream media. When you know martial arts, that gives the ladies the assurance that you can protect them in times of danger. Aside from that, you can also share your knowledge with them, like for escorts, in order for them to be able to fend off any creep that tries to mess with them.


As the song goes, ain’t no mountain high enough, it is attractive when you are able to hike. Hiking needs a great deal of lower body strength and endurance in order to survive an uphill trail. Aside from the physical benefits, once you reach the peak, you are met with such an amazing view, which makes the hike worth it. And the view gets better if you share it with a lovely lady who is also into hiking.

At the end of the day

If the sport you play is not listed here, do not worry. No matter what sport you play, as long as you are very passionate about what you are doing, you will be able to find a girl who is equally passionate as you are.