About Last Mile #NYCPPE

Last Mile #NYCPPE delivers life saving PPE to frontline workers. Our group consists of healthcare workers, organizers, technologists and concerned neighbors. We are committed to continue flattening the curve, helping communities most impacted by the virus, and keeping hospitals below patient capacity. We work in partnership with local groups who help us reach those in greatest need and risk.

NYC hospitals are scrambling to meet a huge spike in demand for PPE (personal protective equipment) as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many efforts, large and small, have sprung up to solve this problem, with varying speeds and levels of expertise in the complicated systems that make up this space. In the meantime, frontline healthcare workers are treating COVID-19 positive patients without the necessary gear. Just in NYC alone, we have assisted in the delivery of over 60,000 respirator masks to over 200 frontline healthcare workers.

Last Mile has seven local groups across the USA in New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, and with Return2TheHeart Foundation we reach 50 tribal nations and pueblos through regional hubs in Rapid City, SD, Klamath, CA, Santa fe, NM , Traverse City, MI, Apache Junction, Arizona, and Hilo, HI.

Collecting and Verifying Requests

We collect PPE requests directly from frontline healthcare workers in NYC, with a small group of trusted volunteers following up on the requests to 1) ensure that they’re coming from real healthcare workers and 2) assess need and urgency. This information is never shared for any purpose other than directly enabling deliveries.

Our PPE Supply

Our partners provide us with masks and PPE to distribute. We also have access to masks with manufacturers in China following this due diligence process led by team members with direct expertise in mask manufacturing and import/export.

Our Micro team also accepts donations of N95s, KN95s, surgical masks, and other PPE from individuals in the NYC area.

Pooling Funds

#NYCPPE is one of several groups working on coordinating people running COVID-19 GoFundMes, with the following goals in mind:

  • Sharing vetted suppliers: sharing information and expertise to guarantee that all partnered GoFundMes are buying from trusted suppliers rather than incentivizing counterfeiters and other bad actors

  • Streamlined logistics: #NYCPPE can handle the complicated logistics of importing and distributing to frontline workers, rather than each campaign having to reinvent the wheel

  • Price coordination: placing fewer, consolidated orders rather than many small ones both guarantee a better price, and helps to prevent bidding wars and price inflation


We have a network of incredible delivery volunteers who help us transport our supplies directly to recipients anywhere in the five boroughs.

Volunteer Coordinator | @ananyai30, ananyaiyengar30@gmail.com
I am a second year Honors student at Northeastern University in Boston. I’m majoring in Biology with double minors in Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychology, and I hope to be a physician in the future. I’m an avid enamel pin collector- it’s like stickers without the commitment - and I love photography and cooking! When I’m not studying or working, you can find me bothering my slightly-grumpy dog, Bailey. I got involved with PPE NYC out of a desire to do something productive about the pandemic while stuck at home isolating and found this fantastic group of humans!
Dispatch Coordinator
Born and raised New Yorker, based in Bed Stuy since 2014 with my one-eared mutt Max. I just received my JD from CUNY Law, looking to break into the world of public defense and civil rights law as I study for the bar exam and working as a pharmacy courier in the meantime. Lover of hiking, beaching, and roller skating. I have the opportunity as dispatch coordinator to use my understanding of city neighborhoods from a decade of courier experience to ensure PPE gets quickly into the hands of the people we serve.
Data Design, Group Facilitator | @bitsybot @bitsybentley
I am an artist and activist living in NYC with my partner, three cats, and a cranky dachshund named Nathan (he’s a Brooklyn hot dog). I’m having a blast working with so many kind and brilliant humans as facilitator of Last Mile NYCPPE. I’m exceptionally proud of our approach to data design, centering the needs of workers throughout our data collection process. When I’m not wrangling data or herding cats, I steward a micro food forest in my Brooklyn backyard.
Fundraising | IG: @tungtied
I come from the fashion and communications space. I founded a PR agency with a sustainable focus, House Of and launched my own handmade, low-waste jewelry line, SVNR, which has been lucky enough to be featured in Vogue, NY Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and more!
At the onset of COVID-19, I launched a fundraising campaign to purchase PPE for healthcare workers, a cause important to me as a daughter of doctors. At Last Mile, I’m still fundraising, and coordinating purchasing for national PPE orders and overseeing communications.
Chapter Lead | @dinedanaydanae
I’m a New Orleanian recently returned to my hometown from New York where I pursued an Urban Policy Masters Degree. My two dogs are most thrilled to be back in the swamp so that they can dip their speckled bellies in muddy canals. Before I moved, I was a union representative of nursing home workers and community home workers throughout the state of Louisiana. When COVID-19 hit, I thought of them and my friends working in the COVID step-down units, and neighbors working in the Emergency Room and felt the urge to figure how to close the PPE gap.
Design Communications | @edenwooperlewper
I am Houstonian living in NYC, working with Last Mile on design and visual communications. I believe design can break down barriers to complex concepts, and I’m here to support the Last Mile team with the communication tools they need. I am a co-founder of Double Take Labs, an experience design studio in Gowanus that explores absurd robotics. Outside of design, I am a roommate to a feisty cat named Karl-Anthony Towns and a rusty figure skater-pianist-cellist trying to find my way back again.
Worker Networks
Erin is the Communications Director for national reproductive justice organization Forward Together. As the Communications Director, Erin develops strategies to spread Forward Together’s message of empowering families with the rights, recognition and resources they need to thrive. She is currently working on a resource to help people of color and immigrants navigate health disparities during the Coronavirus pandemic. Erin comes to Forward Together from the labor movement where she worked as a communicator for 1199SEIU and as an organizer at the Committee of Interns and Residents. As a seasoned communications strategist, she has led communications campaigns to win paid sick days and living wage legislation, secure affordable housing, keep hospitals open, secure strong union contracts, and provide medical relief in Haiti. Prior to the pandemic, you could find her on the dance floor at a salsa club or roaming the streets of NYC with her camera.
John was born in NYC but now calls San Francisco his home. John left college a year early to go work in the Obama campaign in 2008, and since then has continued to work for organizations and campaigns who want to make a positive difference in the world. He used his campaign skills to help Last Mile in the early days helping to lead the verification volunteer team as well as help in developing its communications strategy. He’s currently in the process of launching his own consulting business focused on organizational development and change management. In his spare time, he is an avid student of mindfulness based teachings and is working on ways to infuse mindfulness into team development and organizational growth.
Verification, Operations Management | @sierra_offline
I moved to New York in 2008 after bouncing around the midwest for years, and can’t imagine calling anywhere else home. In my professional life, I’m an Assistant Professor of Media Industries at NYU, specializing in the historical, cultural, and economic analysis of the video game and computer industries. My background in oral history, labor history, and organizational operations has helped inform the work I do with Last Mile NYCPPE.
Design Communications | @cramn48
I am originally from Hawaii and moved to NYC in 2016. I currently reside in Astoria, Queens with my partner, two cats and dog (@twocatsandagay) and work as a full-time Visual Designer at Clarke. In my free time, I love to cook and eat foods from all over the world and hope to meld design and food in future work. I felt helpless not being able to do more while isolating at home during the onset of COVID-19. Fortunately, I was invited to join the Last Mile team to lend some design help.
Inventory Management | @standinginherpower
I managed inventory strategy for multi-million dollar businesses within the retail industry for ten years. At the beginning of 2020 I launched my coaching business and began interviewing strong womxn on my podcast Standing In Her Power. My dream is to help frustrated womxn change course and live beautiful authentic lives. I felt helpless when the pandemic hit New York so when I learned that my former internship boss was involved with Last Mile I signed up too. I’m really grateful that I am able to use my inventory management skills to help keep my fellow New Yorkers safe. 
Prioritization & Allocation Strategy | @drsaksel
I’m an ob/gyn on the Upper East Side. I take care of womxn throughout all life stages, and have been doing so in NYC since 2010. Even before the pandemic, advocacy and activism was central to how I led my life -- both locally and nationally. When COVID landed in New York, I was quick to connect with folks outside of medicine who were equally passionate about making a difference. At Last Mile, I love working on developing equitable and just allocation of PPE to New Yorkers on the frontline.
Stephen has created and managed global Information Governance/Records programs at Moody’s Investors Services and AIG as well as leads the Initiative for a Paperfree New York. Stephen is a first gen American and loves both Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.
Partnerships | @triciawang
I am a proud Brooklynite who moved here from California in 2002 to work on community organizing. I am based in Bed-Stuy with my dog @ellethedog_ and Lima, Peru where I work on building digital services for the underserved. I used to live in Wuhan, China, so I was researching the impact of COVID-19 on residents and wrote an article about it here. When COVID-19 hit NYC, many of friends and I noticed the challenges around PPE for healthcare workers and that’s how #NYCPPE was born, which eventually became the first local group of Last Mile. At Last Mile, I get to talk to our wonderful partners who donate PPE for us to distribute to those who are in greatest need.